Attika® ERP is powered by Smart Locator® Smart Locator® ERPa business solution for a wide spectrum of enterprises. It can operate in stand alone services to better serve the specific business capability and needs. While its expandable and flexible modularity allows to address multi enterprise functions as business grows. It is a scalable solution to sustain high workloads with predictable performance. It is operating system and cloud platform agnostic; while we can interface with all major operating systems and cloud providers. Gaining in business productivity by quick deployment with zero loss of productivity.

Automate Tax Filling - Making Tax Digital(MTD)

Data CollectionAutomate your tax filling to HMRC:

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Data Collection

Data CollectionWe do data collection via our powerful mobile app Smart PocketLocator:

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Inventory Control

Inventory ControlOur Inventory control module can assist you to take control of:

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ManufacturingIncreased customer demand for innovation, low cost, globalisation of supply chains can be addressed in flexible and powerful way so that tasks like:

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Management accounting

Management accountingExtended practice for:

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Data Services

Data ServicesIndustry standard open ended interfaces to allow other systems to connect to Locator Customized solutions to provide interaction with the Suppliers.

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Business Intelligence

Business IntelligenceTransform raw data into meaningful and useful information. Identify and develop newopportunities. Develop an effective strategy to gain on competitive marketing and enjoy long term stability. Enhanced interactive reporting real time reporting and dashboards.

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System Configuration

System ConfigurationOur System can be configured to apply

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Workflow Management

Work Flow ManagementWe manage processes and set targets. Processes are based on operational steps that have to be fulfilled based on the defined functionality. This allows to set goals and measurable performance. Coupling this with realtime messaging we deliver a fully managed operation.

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Cyber Security

Cyber SecurityWe offer comprehensive security for your website as well as the application. We support Multi Factor Authentication while the Application can be configured to a very granular level.

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Cyber SecurityWe create reports using our powerful Reporting Studio. We support Dashboards and real time updates.

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