November 2014 Newsletter

Locator Extensions

We extended our Locator Manufacturing Scheduling module, with additional optional modules and features. These features can be delivered on top of current software installations or independently as stand alone applications. It incorporates all requirements and objectives defined in the plan. The information is analysed to determine the optimal schedule that meets customer demands as well as to provide lean business objectives. This enhances your organisation for:

Accurate scheduling

Demand driven, on-time delivery

Minimize inventory costs

Maximized plant floor throughput

Optimized use of resources

Reduced cycle times

Business Intelligence
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We generate an optimal product purchasing schedule by analysing current orders and inventory levels. In addition, the purchasing power decision is further expanded to include vendor services. A timetable is produced with deadlines and dates for requisition of the scheduled products and services. This allows for bid submission and proposals to achieve a best decision for awarding purchasing contracts.

It operates based on small stock items that sits in dedicated location with fixed space allocation. Inventory is depleted based on raised alerts. The scheduling optimization analyses and suggests the optimal replenishment schedule.

Work Orders are assigned to production resources based on a production schedule that is optimized to minimize setup costs and achieve on time delivery deadlines. The schedule can be adjusted as needed. Multiple business objectives can be incorporated to achieve the desired result.

Business Intelligense
Business processes can be measured and visualised with our Business Intelligense Dashboards. We present encapsulated data of Key Performance Indicators in a series of Real time Business Performance Metrics. This allow to give instant feedback. Our dashboards can be included within other applications or work as standalone applications.