Is an interpreted general purpose programming language.


Golang is an open source functional programming language backed by Google. The short name is Go. Is a compiled language with excellent performance without compiler optimisations like C++. Things to avoid:Case 1:Go does not accept interfaces:State & Behaviour1. State is equivalent data structures2 . Behaviour is provided by methodsInterfaces 1. permits …


Is a general programming language.


There are two main types to access memory reference and value. Reference type refers to an object in memory by its address. Value type it is a n actual block of memory reserved for the object that was just created. C# has reference and value types. C++ has a further clarification referring to constant and non constant. Golang does not have reference …


Java Programming language.


Software Development Language


In an effort to create extensible and easily maintainable computer programs the SOLID guidelines where introduced By Robert C Martin. This is the acronym of the following principles: Single resposibility A class should have one responsibility Open/closed Entities should be open for extension but close for modification Liskov substitution An object should …